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Noon Walkalm Educational Complex

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A typical educational complex, consisting of a number of different local institutions of learning, and offering educational and training services, up to international standards, for all age groups. The complex offers a variety of cultural, intellectual and sport activities for developing the next generation and instilling in them the spirit of citizenship and belonging. Noon Walkalms long term goals are to produce students who improve the local and national society, and to keep pace with new developments taking place internationally in the realms of education and citizenship. Noon complex includes modern buildings and centers designed in accordance with the standards of public and private accreditation, under the regulations for the development of excellence in teaching and learning. The complex complies with quality standards currently in use by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in the sciences and humanities, providing facilities such as outdoor sport fields, student clubs, restaurants, and a central library with special sections for the different schools. The complex includes an electronic library, theatre and ceremony halls, landscaped gardens and green spaces, and parking lots with the required capacity. These amenities ensure the success of the learning process, and provide an ideal environment for students, teachers, and community workers.
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Gilgamesh University

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Goals of the Gilgamesh University

Educating Generation

Educating a generation that believes in citizenship and respects the law through scientific, educational, cultural, sports and social programs.

Contributing Development

Contributing to the development of the academic rigor and providing specialized teaching and technical staff for the preparation of graduates who are able to compete in the labor market.

Our Students

Prepares our students for the globally connected world they will be a part of as they graduate and effect change in the world.

Cultural Knowledge

Contributing to the quantitative and qualitative development of scientific and cultural knowledge, conducting educational and scientific research in the new Iraq, by preparing scientists and engineers who respect the principles, ideas, and visions of modern science.

University Opportunities

Providing undergraduate and higher academic university opportunities (theoretical and practical), and adopting advanced curricula to achieve scientific, educational and cultural goals of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research for all Iraqi society.

Scientific Research

Supporting investment in scientific research and embracing innovative and creative programs, in a way that achieves excellence in education at a level that meets all quality standards.

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